Adoring Sela Ward

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CSI New York has been nominated for People’s Choice for “Missed Series” – vote HERE

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Can you give us a few teasers about what is coming up on the final season of CSI: NY?
“I think they’re really making an effort this season to reveal more of each character’s personal life – love interests, days off – really trying to take every character and give them a richer view into their private world, which to me coming from the land of family drama is just like heaven.

“I think it’s a nice thing for the audience, they haven’t done that historically so I think it really spices things up.”

You mentioned love interests – are there are any coming up for Jo?
“At the beginning of the season they brought Peter Horton in to have a small arc as my love interest, or a guy that Jo knew and dated while she was in the FBI, and that was great fun.

“He’s been directing really for many years now and CSI is the first time he’s come back and acted in a very long time, so that was a treat.

“He’s just a sweetheart, and filming with him was a lot of fun actually. Having Jo find love was the fun part. I love all the personal side of her life.”

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Big Happy Birthday to Sela! Hope the next year brings everything and so much more.

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